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Matthew S Jevon, MSc, F.IoD.

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My passion, background and expertise is in human performance.

I deliver human performance enhancement across 3 key environments, High Performance Business, High Performance Sport and Exploration Level Diving.


In business mine and your performance can affect thousands of peoples livelihoods, impact shareholder value and make or break careers at CEO level.

In Sport, you will prepare and train, sometimes for a decade to win an Olympics, a World Cup or World Championship. Failure is not an option.

In Diving at this level the consequence of error is even more significant, failures must be managed, prepared and trained for so they can only result in successful outcomes.

Environmental Expertise

Board and Private Equity Support Services


Board Performance & Governance

Leadership & Followership

Non Exec Chair / Director

MBO, M&A, Turnarounds, IPO prep

Mentor/ Coach

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Sports Performance

Sports Psychology

Talent ID and Development

Leadership and Mentoring

Performance Cultures & Environments

Support for Elite Players, Coaches, Managers, Performance Directors and Support Staff

Experienced in Elite and Olympic Sport

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Cave and Mixed Gas Diver, Instructor and Explorer

Expedition Level Instructor for Cave Diving,

Open and Closed Circuit Instructor for 100m + Mixed Gas Diving

Explorer and Adventurer

Closed Circuit Rebreather and Sidemount Specialist

Speaker and Author

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