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Matt Jevon, B.Sc(Hons), M.Sc, F.IoD 
Matt has a drive and need to test the limits of performance. In his business, academic, sporting and diving careers he has reached and broken through many barriers, achieving personal ambitions and literally having to master life threatening situations.​
None of what might appear to be very diverse achievements are, in Matt's philosophy and approach, very different. There are of course variances in physical demand​s and in experience needed, however the factors that create success, the drive, the mental skills and robustness, the consistency of performance and the ability to lead and to be a member of a high performing team are all, whether running out with your teammates, cave diving or in a boardroom, the same.

Some of Matt's notable achievements are:

  • British Olympic Association Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Accredited Sports Psychologist
  • Fellow of the Institute of Directors (UK)
  • Professional representative level Rugby Player and International  Coach 
  • Experienced Chair and Non Executive Director (marketing/healthcare/travel/hospitality)
  • ​Technical Diving Instructor and Exploration Level Deep Trimix and Cave Diver